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Jac & Co US tour 2014

Postée le 09/06/2014 à 17:58 par Jacques Pellarin

Jac & Co - U.S. East coast around 2014 (April 24 to June 5)

Six weeks ,fifteen dates ... the duo "Jac & Co "was a great success during this first visit to the USA ! Sharing the album "Paris, ma jeunesse ," as well as songs of eternal Paris, Piaf, Montand, Greco, Lemarque, Corinne Pellarin (vocals) and Jacques Pellarin (Accordion - composition) met with the American public happiness French restaurants Philadelphia and Washington! Concerts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and NY in the middle of Accordion with Liberty Bellows,music biz with  CAS studio producer Chris Orazi ans also WACBIZ media placement agency, On Queue artists agency and also with Andrea Carlson and Love Police came complete this spring round 2014! After this first very positive experience, a second tour is proposed for spring 2015 ... to follow Jac & Co back to USA!

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